Kristin Bonett is a Freelance Designer/Art Director in Austin, Tx. She also moonlights as a letterer under the name Half Serious. She is going to stop talking in third person now.

I've worked on and with various brands, including Whole Kids Foundation, The YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Lone Star Overnight, The University of Texas School of Law, the Independent Austin, American Bank, and CMIT Solutions. My experience working in small shops and agencies has allowed me to cultivate a variety of skills and develop every aspect of a project, from strategy and UI/UX to illustration and production. I'm a coffee guzzling, blue hole swimming, crossword puzzling, college football watching, dog snuggler, and I'm available for work (flexed arm emoji).

Check out my résumé on LinkedIn or as a pdf.
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Did you also know that I sell stuff here? Buy some stuff and support a single mother of a dog with anxiety.


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