Cedar Park Stage 3 Campaign

Cedar Park is the 4th largest growing city in the United States. Faced with record-breaking drought, the city was looking for a campaign notify it's residence of the new watering restrictions. The challenge was to convey urgency without alarming anyone. We developed a brand for the campaign, using yellow as the primary color to grab attention, denote caution and ultimately steer away from the overused color of blue for water. 

I designed the mark for the campaign, DownToOne, with a 1 in the counter of the O. The campaign started as two direct mailers and eventually extended for three years, resulting in a microsite, multiple direct mail pieces, online targeted ads, bandit yard signs, pool signage, Facebook and Twitter social posts, two motion graphic videos and a standing cutout for event photography.

In 2016, enough water was conserved to officially downgrade Cedar Park from Stage 3 to the less restrictive Stage 2. We marked this evolution with a new title, Stick2It, in which the 2 represented the new watering stage and the return to two allotted watering days per week. The new campaign was focused on continuing all the hard work and new conservation habits despite the lake being full. As a continuation of the character from the previous year, I handled the majority of the video below, including script copywriting, storyboarding, illustration, and supervision of animation and voiceover. Within three months, the video racked up 45,000 views on YouTube. 

 Overall, these campaigns helped this rapidly growing city reduce their water usage by 23%.