The Independent Responsive Website Design

The Independent website was originally designed to be as informative as possible, needing to sell as many units as possible. Once they filled most condos, the client wanted to shift their website to a more visual experience. Inspired by the open natural light of the renderings, I designed the site to shift from the sandy, limestone tan color to a brighter off-white. The site loads with a fullscreen video loop in the background, highlighting the lifestyle of living at The Independent—Lady Bird Lake paddleboarding, trail running, downtown shopping, and cocktails at some of the best restaurants. As the user moves down the page, a vertical image of the building is revealed and emphasized by the scroll. Additionally, the layout is inspired by the jenga-like architecture, placing the photos staggered between two columns. 


The residence page was revamped to hide the foorplans into a straight-forward table with downloadable pdfs, letting users more easily compare floorplans. Another major design change was pairing the finishes renderings next to each other to view the bathroom and kitchen simultaneously. To save space, the finishes information and write up are viewable on hover in a slight transparent white rectangle to still view the images behind it. 

Additionally, I designed the inquiry form (below, middle) to be easily filled out on mobile, minimizing text fields and utilizing as many tap buttons and drop down fields as possible. The result is a convenient experience to allow users to quickly input their information and move along.