Lettering is my passion. In a time where so many things can be automated and everyone has the Adobe Suite, an eye for type and the craft of lettering is something that still requires finesse and practice. My process starts with sketching—sometimes with pencil, sometimes with brush pens. I then scan the images in (or in a pinch, I take a photo and airdrop it to my computer).

Depending on the style and nature of the project, I'll either finess the scan or draw the outline using the pen tool, refining any errors or imperfections. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll draw it straight into Illustrator. My new favorite method is to draw in Procreate or Adobe Sketch on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil* and either bluetooth it or save it to Adobe CC and POOF, it opens up in Illustrator on my computer. Although, nothing beats the feeling of pencil or ink to paper.

*Dear Apple, please send me free stuff.