Logo Graveyard

Pouring one out for the ones that could have been.

Allison Lee is a local Austin photographer who specializes in candid portraiture. She wanted a hand-lettered mark that felt off-the-cuff like her photography. She ended up selecting a cleaner mark, but this one remains my favorite.

Verity Source is a web-based software that connects Emergency Rooms, hospitals, and government to healthcare services and programs. Essentially, when someone without insurance goes to the ER, a hospital can use the software to find eligibile coverage for the patient. The mark represents the convergence of data and care, creating a woven, supportive V.

REALM is a textile and fashion company in Austin. The company wanted to channel Ed Roth/surf rock/retro bike culture. This is one of my favorite final marks. I pulled the eye from a lot of the company's products, and designed the letterforms to tuck in to each other well. The final mark selected was a rougher, more uniform shape that felt more DIY.

Lone Star Overnight (LSO) is Texas-based shipping company. Wanting to have a more sophisticated brand that wasn't limited by it's Texan name, the company went through a rebranding to update the mark and shorten the name. I designed this mark to reference a box shape and a winged L that felt like a European airline.