PivotU Logo Design Evolution

PivotU is a professional education company dedicated to equiping employees with the skills to keep pace, drive and contribute to business success. Our scope of work was to deliver a logo "evolution" and a responsive website, including a blog and class schedule. PivotU's goal was to add more credibility to the brand, but retain the welcoming tone of a continuing education company. 

I started working in black and white, to eliminate the possibility of color bias. I wanted to design a logo that could exist in the corporate business education world without feeling elementary. My secondary mission was to show motion and forward progress in a subtle way, echoing their name. The current logo was a little too over-the-top in it's visualization of pivoting, so my goal was to minimize and elevate that idea.

I pitched the above logo to the client in the first round. This was my favorite out of our three recommended options. The mark is chunky and round, but still buttoned up. The dot on the "i" is now shifted above the right bar on the "v," a subtle nod to the pivot. The left bar was designed lighter to look almost like the "v" is a fold or as if it were a fading trail from the dot traveling over. Because the company is pronounced "Pivot-YOU" (much like a university), I designed the "U" in the lighter shade to distinguish it as separate and avoid mispronunciations. I also altered the tail and arm of the "t" to hug the curve of the U.

The client wanted a more direct reference to a pivot, and specifically requested to add the arrowhead back into the mark. We went round and round, trying to convince the client that the best logos are subtle (like FedEx), but ultimately, they requested the arrow for the final mark, seen below. While it wasn't my favorite, I am happy with outcome and that I fought for my vision. And the way the "t" arm and tail hug the U is still my favorite detail of the mark.